FAQ - Eva Lola

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Who can order on Eva & Lola?

Eva & Lola is intended for fashion professionals only. In order to access the prices of the dresses, you must create an account with your VAT number in order to validate your registration as soon as possible.

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Can I order on Eva & Lola as a private individual?

Unfortunately no, our site is only reserved for professionals registered with the chamber of commerce in their region.

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Is it possible to view products or receive product samples to gauge the quality before placing a real order?

If it is possible for you to come, we invite you to go directly to our showroom to familiarize yourself with the different qualities, colors and collections in our catalog. Furthermore, it is not possible for us to send samples.

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What is the minimum purchase to be respected?

The minimum purchase on our online sales site is € 100 excluding tax. This minimum purchase applies to your entire order.

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Are the items in my basket reserved?

Until payment of your order, the products are not reserved. Even added to your cart, their availability may vary. In case of out of stock, they will be automatically unavailable to finalize your order.

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Are the prices of the dresses the same as in the Eva & Lola showroom?

Except exceptional discount, the prices displayed on the site are identical to the prices that we sell our dresses in our showroom.

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Is it possible to change the composition of the packages?

Items are generally sold in packs (colors / size variations), and quantities cannot be changed. We invite you to use the filters provided to display the colors and variations that correspond to your needs.

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What are the prices displayed on the site?

The prices displayed on the site generally correspond to the price of a product package with a variation of color and sizes. You will be able to see the unit price on the page of each product.

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Why do I not have access to the website after registering?

The Eva & Lola website is a marketplace for fashion professionals. The site is not open to the public or to individuals.

In order to ensure the protection of our professional buyers, we make every effort to monitor each request for access to our site.


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